Disasters happen. Recoveries have to be orchestrated. How you respond to a crisis may adversely impact your company more than the crisis itself. There are no options but to be prepared.

Every day, businesses are confronted with disasters of varying degrees. Those that have adequately developed, maintained and exercised their contingency plans will survive.
A lot of the present day’s vital assets are online and must be accessible at all times. Businesses contend with both operational failure and reputational risk, and how they respond to a discontinuity is a measure of the value of the business.
Sound BCP is based on an accurate and updated business impact assessment, from which derives the essence of a continuity plan – what is critical to protect and keep operational, how to respond to interruptions, protect personnel and assets, safeguard information from destruction and wrongful use, when to relocate critical operations to alternate sites.

NSS helps formulate and review business continuity plans and disaster recovery processes to ensure a robust and revitalised business posture. This helps:

  • Minimise disruption to operations
  • Ensures safety or personnel and assets
  • Reduces the probability of occurrence
  • Reduces insurance premiums
  • Provides for an orderly recovery


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