In an increasingly networked world, risks to information have been governed by a rather simplistic triad of C-I- A – Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability – that encompasses a whole world of information risk management and assurance. Cyber infrastructure communicates, coordinates and collaborates between internal and external participants to enable business objectives.
The dependence on such infrastructure today is total, and every now and then, when network infrastructure succumbs to a widespread debilitating cyber attack, the world is again reminded of this soft under belly.

Costly cyber attacks, by both state sponsors as well as non-state attackers, have become a reality today. They have a bigger impact on corporate earnings and affect the operations of companies in businesses as diverse as cookie makers and pharmaceutical giants, not to mention pure play web businesses. NSS provides solutions to mitigate cyber risks and helps with preclusive controls as well as a response mechanism.

Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing

Vulnerability Assessment

A vulnerability test is a snapshot of the technical vulnerabilities in a network or system.
  • Identifying and verifying vulnerabilities.
  • Manual Verification and Testing phase.

Penetration Testing

  • A non-invasive test of the network’s external security strength.
  • Independent analysis of network/vulnerability identification.
  • Advise on effective solutions to secure your network.

Web Application Testing

The analysis of Web Application is necessary to create a baseline so that one understands the present state better and can thus appreciate the findings and recommendations.

  • Baseline application design functionalities.
  • Determine application vulnerabilities and “high value objects”.
  • Devise attacks to test application components and related vulnerabilities and test security.
  • Provide fixes to improve security.

GSM Encryption

Over the 15 years that NSS has been involved with mobile application security, both the device as well as the security ecosystem have transformed to an unrecognisable level from the early 2000’s. The mobile phone is ubiquitous in business and in personal use. Smartphone apps have inundated the technology landscape. The mobile is the new electronic leash. It is carried everywhere, it’s in the frontline trenches with electronic access to well protected intelligence, it gets exposed, lost, stolen and hacked. We all pay the price for preferring convenience over security, but we don’t always realise that there are ways to minimise potential leaks and thereby, damage.

NSS has 14 years of experience in mobile security software from data and device security to the last bastion of protection – encryption. With two patents in encryption technology, NSS assists key corporate and institutional clients with their secure mobile communications requirements.

Salient Features

  • AES 256 bit encryption
  • Elliptic Curve Digital Signature Algorithm (ECDSA)
  • Peer to Peer calling and messaging
  • Group calling and messaging
  • Peer to peer image/video/document
  • Group image/video/document

Computer Emergency Response Team

A computer emergency response team (CERT) is an expert group that handles computer security incidents. CERTs focus on countering security breaches and denial-of-service incidents, providing alerts and incident-handling and preclusion guidelines. CERTs also conduct an ongoing public awareness campaign and engage in research aimed at improving security systems.

Creating a CERT also involves capability building for an organization. NSS has been instrumental in the conceptualisation and creation of national level CERTs for governments South Asia and South East Asia as also for institutional CERTs that assist organisations in keep watch on their digital perimeters and provide the first-level response.


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