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Digital Rights Protection Services

How secure is your proprietary content that is being streamed across continents to broadcast providers (licensees) across the world? How security conscious are the operators? What is the risk of your content being copied due to negligence, lack of security controls or from piracy. Digital Rights Management has become a cause for concern for most studios as technology allows for rapid copying and dissemination of data over long distances without corruption.

What does it involve?

The NSS Onsite Broadcast Security Environment Audit looks into:

  • Security policy framework of the licensee (last mile content provider)
  • Network architecture & communication backbone for providing digital content
  • Benchmark the proposed solution against the security concerns of the client & general security objectives
  • Re-transmission/Copying of data
  • Fraudulent Billing
  • Encryption Standards
  • Insider crime threat to content, transaction information, and consumer information
  • Set Top Box architecture
  • Physical security safeguards.

This non invasive onsite assessment will determine whether the licensee has the ability and security framework (technology, people and processes) to ensure digital rights protection.

DRM Deliverables

  • A review document highlighting the strengths and weaknesses of the proposed solution.
  • Rate the proposed solution based upon its ability to address the security concerns outlined.
  • An audit report listing the performance of the capabilities of the Licensee in relation to their proposed architecture and security solution.
  • Recommendations to enhance security and resolve any the security concerns noted in the given system.

As a result of this service you will have a better understanding of the security environment under which the licensee is handling and delivering content. With huge investments being made into content generation, broadcasting and delivery, it is imperative that piracy protection measures be affected from end to end. Such a periodic review shall enable you to benchmark the security posture of the licensee against the dynamic security policy objectives laid down by you from time to time.