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Nearly all “white collar” crimes today involve the computer either as a tool in enabling the crime or as a target of the crime.

  • Digital forensics is the discovery, analysis, and reconstruction of evidence extracted from any element of computer systems, computer networks, computer media, and computer peripherals that allow investigators to solve the crime. In the battle against malicious hackers, digital forensic investigations are performed in support of various objectives, including timely cyber attack containment, perpetrator location and identification, damage mitigation, and recovery initiation in the case of a crippled, yet still functioning, network.
  • Computer forensics deals with gathering evidence from computer media seized at the crime scene. Principle concerns with computer forensics involve imaging storage media, recovering deleted files, searching slack and free space, and preserving the collected information for litigation purposes.
  • Network forensics gathers digital evidence that is distributed across large-scale, complex networks. Often this evidence is transient in nature and is not preserved within permanent storage media. Network forensics deals primarily with in-depth analysis of computer network intrusion evidence, while current commercial intrusion analysis tools are inadequate to deal with today’s networked, distributed environments.

Our Experience

In the past NSS had conducted training programs for law enforcement officers and assisted police forces in India and abroad in Cyber Crime and Online fraud investigations. NSS is one of the few organisations that possess expertise in Digital and Network Forensics as well as handling digital evidence in keeping with legal requirements. NSS has been sought by corporate and government clients to investigate & gather evidence for cases involving Hate mail, E Mail spoofing, IP spoofing, Email fraud, email trace backs, Incident handling, insider fraud, web defacements, network forensics, Intellectual property theft etc.

Why NSS?

The company has best of breed certifications and has deep and varied project experience across the industry. Our digital forensics experts are trained and certified from the USA and have top end certifications like the Certified Fraud Examiner CFE from the University of New Haven, Computer Security Institute etc. NSS core team, having worked in law enforcement agencies like the Royal UK Police, Air Force and Military Special Forces possess the highest levels of security consciousness.