Nearly all “white collar” crimes today involve the computer either as a tool in enabling the crime or as a target of the crime. NSS provides expertise in Digital Forensics with high level of security consciousness.

Digital forensics is the discovery, analysis and reconstruction of evidence extracted from any element of computer systems, computer networks, computer media, and computer peripherals that allow investigators to solve a crime.

Computer forensics deals with gathering evidence from computer media seized at the crime scene.

Network forensics gathers digital evidence that is distributed across large-scale, complex networks. Often this evidence is transient in nature and is not preserved within permanent storage media.

Our Experience

NSS was one of the first companies in India to provide computer forensics services to corporate entities as well as law enforcement. The demand for investigative services mushroomed in the first decade of this century as computing power went into overdrive. Investigations into IP theft, running of parallel counterfeiting operations, anonymous mails, email spoofing, IP spoofing have become par for the course. Analysing intrusions and the nature of information lost over time, gave corporate entities a good measure of their weak protective systems and provided them a basis to invest intelligently in securing their digital assets.


We offer a full range of Security Consulting, Information Security Training and Customized Technology solutions to Government, Quasi-Government and Corporate worldwide.
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