-Praemonitus, praemunitus-
-Forewarned is forearmed-

In our unpredictable world, the flap of a butterfly's wing in some location can set off a cascade of events that, weeks later, spurs the formation of a hurricane in a completely different part of the world.
This may be a colourful illustration of Chaos Theory, but it is meant to illustrate that events, random or interlinked, intended or incidental can pose a risk to an individual, community or organisation. A good way to prepare is to be backed up by professionals who can connect the dots and unravel the pattern.

Only the Paranoid survive. – Andrew S Grove (Former CEO, Intel Corp)

NSS secure operations centres are strategically located nerve centres in the Asia-Pacific and Middle East-European regions, allowing our clients to have “follow the sun” security coverage. From the SOCs and other offices, NSS has you covered 24/7.

NSS analysts study and assess natural disasters and extreme weather phenomena, political unrest, health/epidemic alerts, terror incidents, communal or religious unrest, troop movements etc. and provide advisory services.


We offer a full range of Security Consulting, Information Security Training and Customized Technology solutions to Government, Quasi-Government and Corporate worldwide.
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