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Why Information Security Training?

All the major economies in the World are moving from the Industrial age to the Information age, it’s known as k-based or knowledge based economy. The issue for corporate and governments worldwide is to figure out ways to sustain a competitive advantage in this rapidly changing arena.

During recent times information infrastructures and networks are confronted with serious security threats and challenges that have drawn attention worldwide. To take proactive measures and protect a company’s information systems is a job which requires understanding of core issues in IT security. It can range from Corporate IS Awareness Training down to Technical Penetration Testing Training such as CPTP.

Secondly, with most of the organizations looking forward to attaining information security certifications such as ISO27001, the requirement of skilled professionals to implement and audit the requirements will increase with a fast pace.

Why NSS?

NSS is a premier information systems security risk management company that provides information risk management programs and technical investigative solutions for government and corporate clients. With a view to cater to the rising demand for Information Security training and certification in the IT industry, NSS has spearheaded information security training and certification. Highly qualified Information Security and Information Risk Management professionals who have provided network security solutions across various platforms around the world will run each of the training courses.

The ever-changing level of threats faced by an organization can only be proactively addressed through constant learning. Inbound or classroom based programs from NSS use an innovative approach to make the best of the unhindered presence of the participants at a common location. The programs will provide opportunities for intense coaching by careful and well-designed use of lectures, exercises, and practice sessions in individual and small group work.

The emphasis of the training methodology is on experiential learning and the right mixes of knowledge, technology and skills inputs, ultimately leading to the International certification.

NSS offers various kinds of training including:

  1. IS Awareness Training
  2. ISO 27001 Training
  3. Customized Network Security Training