Brand Protection

The 'Brand' is often the most valuable asset for any business. A good brand name distinguishes the organization from its competitors. Failure to take measures to protect the brand could diminish the value and disrupt the reputation of the organization.
In addition, a comprehensive brand protection policy will prevent unnecessary expenditure, as a counterfeit product could cost the organisation huge sums of money in litigation procedures. Low quality counterfeit products harm the company’s reputation and that reflects in its sales and thus profitability.

NSS uniquely offers brand protection in both online and offline space, leveraging unmatched access to data, plus unparalleled capabilities for prevention, detection and response through prioritized, actionable intelligence.

Our Solution!

Brand protection combats the loss of revenue, reputation and customer trust that occurs when someone else exploits your brand for their own gain. NSS services a few Fortune 100 companies in Brand Protection.
We offer brand protection services when a client:

  • Assesses that its supply chain is not working as envisaged or is not in compliance with the law of the land.
  • Suspects illegal buying or selling activities.
  • Is confronted with counterfeiting of its brands at retail outlets.
  • Seizes counterfeit labels, repackaged fakes.
  • Discovers numerous websites online that sell counterfeits of its products.

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