Crisis Response & Risk Advisory

In our unpredictable world, the flap of a butterfly's wing in some location can set off a cascade of events that, weeks later, spurs the formation of a hurricane in a completely different part of the world.
Across industries, employers are aware of the of the significance of having a robust hazard observation and incident reporting system. Global businesses with international travellers assure personnel safety in different time zones, coordinating and tracking personnel movement and rendering alerts and advisories where required.
The goal is to alert the company management on sources of potential health, safety and process risk, and to effectively direct the risk management approach.

The exact predictive power of safety incidents or near misses on future safety events is complex and not always positive (e.g. minor incidents may not predict major incidents or fatalities and focussing on near misses may not reduce accident frequency). Nonetheless, the use of such reporting and analysis mechanisms may be important for developing a sound culture of safety, for averting large-scale industrial disasters, and may also be important for proactively meeting legal duties.
A good way to prepare is to be backed up by professionals who can connect the dots and unravel the pattern.

24/7 Incident Reporting

NSS secure operations centres (SOC) are strategically located nerve centres in the Asia-Pacific and Middle East-European regions, allowing our clients to have “follow the sun” security coverage. From the SOCs and other offices, NSS has you covered 24/7.
NSS analysts study and assess natural disasters and extreme weather phenomena, political unrest, health/epidemic alerts, terror incidents, communal or religious unrest, troop movements etc. and provide advisory services based on the incidents.

Travel Advisory

NSS provides timely and actionable intelligence on situations in areas of interest. Backed by research and professional acumen, NSS analysts scan news feeds, risk reports, location specific information to advice on travel and safety.
The alerts can be customised based on the client requirements and situation to provide suitable advisory services.

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